Gull Novel By Seema Shahid Free PDF

“Gull Novel,” written by the gifted Seema Shahid, tells a gripping story against the colorful backdrop of college life. Adil and Ahmer, two students traversing the pleasures and tribulations of their academic career at IBA University, have their stories deftly woven throughout. The mysterious Gul, the daughter of Adil’s father’s business partner, is the central figure in this story, and her presence gives the plot a fascinating new element.

The book explores the complex lives of university boys, encapsulating this crucial time of year filled with learning, developing friendships, and exploring romantic relationships. Readers can feel the highs and lows of this life-changing experience through Seema Shahid’s deft rendering of the vitality and intensity of university life. Ghror Novel

Gull Novel by Seema Shahid free pdf


Finally, “Gull” transports readers to a place where the joy, struggles, and feelings that characterize this pivotal time are echoed throughout university life. The suspenseful story by Seema Shahid promises to explore romance and the complexities of human connection. The story of Adil, Ahmer, and the mysterious Gul will undoubtedly capture readers as they set out on this literary adventure. Dil Ashiqana Novel

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