December Sad Poetry in Urdu With Images and Text

December Shayari when people are alone at the end of the year invites us to explore the beauty captured in its lyrical lyrics or love as it covers the planet in a layer of frost. This piece explores the magical world of December poetry written in December when each line vividly depicts the embrace of winter. December sad poetry the change month, conjures images of wintry breezes and scenes dusted with snow. It invites poets to capture its essence in words that speak to the soul since it serves as a bridge in the tapestry of time connecting the old and the new. December poetry for sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Jumma quotes in urdu

December Poetry in Urdu Text Copy Paste 2 Line

The lyricism of December’s poetry is like a hushed symphony of nature. Winter’s quiet tones turn into poetry, and the sound of frost-covered leaves rustling becomes the beat of a holiday ballad. Bulleh shah Shayari

دسمبر کی راتوں میں ہے سردیوں کا چمکنا
December ki raaton mein hai sardiyon ka chamakna
(In December nights, there’s a gleam of winter)

dec poetry
dec poetry

برفوں کی چادر میں ہے ہر پال چھپی کہانی
Barfoun ki chaadar mein hai har pal chhupi kahani
(In the blanket of snow, every moment holds a hidden story)

december last day poetry
december last day poetry

ہوا کی زبان پر ہے گونج راتوں میں
Hawa ki zubaan par hai goonj raaton mein
(On the language of the wind echoes in the nights)

چاندنی میں چھپا ہے ہر خوابوں کا حلم
Chandni mein chhupa hai har khawabon ka hilm
(In the moonlight hides the serenity of every dream)

december poetry in urdu text
december poetry in urdu text

دلوں کو چھونے والا ہے دسمبر کا ہر لمحہ
Dilon ko chhune wala hai December ka har lamha
(Every moment of December touches the hearts)

ہوا کی گلیوں میں گتے ہیں دسمبر کے گانے
Hawa ki galiyon mein gate hain December ke gaane
(In the streets of the wind, December songs are sung)

december poetry in urdu
december poetry in urdu

سرمائی کی سردیوں میں ہے خوابوں کی بہار
Sarmaii ki sardiyon mein hai khawabon ki bahaar
(In the winter’s cold, there’s the spring of dreams)

دسمبر کی سرکندی ہے ہر دل کو بہت خاص
December ki sarkandi hai har dil ko bohat khaas
(The chill of December is very special to every heart)

december poetry
december poetry

سرد ہواوں میں بھٹکتی ہیں خوابوں کی راہیں
Sard hawaaon mein bhatkti hain khawabon ki raahen
(In the cold winds, the paths of dreams wander)

دسمبر کی مٹھائی باتوں میں چھپا ہے پیار
December ki mithai baaton mein chhupa hai pyaar
(In the sweet conversations of December hides love)

december sad poetry in urdu
december sad poetry in urdu

ہر قطرہ برف، ہر ہلکی ہوا، ہر سانس میں چھپا ہے
Har qatra baraf, har halki hawa, har saans mein chhupa hai
(Every snowflake, every gentle breeze, every breath holds)

december sad poetry
december sad poetry

دسمبر کی ماہتابی راتوں میں ہے ہر رات نیا خواب
December ki mahtabi raaton mein hai har raat naya khwaab
(In the moonlit nights of December, every night is a new dream)

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